What We Do

At Touch To, we bring our extensive industry knowledge, agile practices and innovation mindset to every project we undertake. You can count on us to integrate into your existing team as a partner or manage the workflow from start to finish.

UX/UI Design

Our primary objective is to provide your customers with the absolute best user experience. Our designers focus on each detail across web, mobile and interactive applications for a seamless, omnichannel experience.

Full Stack Web Development

Touch To is unique in that we offer both front end (what your customers see online) and back end (the technology to support it) development. We believe by taking care of the software and hardware elements, you get a more complete solution.

Full Stack Mobile Development

Mobile is everything today, and we bring the same approach to mobile development as we do web development. From UX/UI design to implementing best-of-breed technologies, Touch To brings the people, technology and experience to execute the full stack.

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We have a solution for you.

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Interactive Installations

As one of the premier interactive installation providers, some of the world’s largest brands rely on Touch To for state-of-the-art, custom, interactive software platforms that operate via touchscreen, body motion, eye motion or mobile integration.

Hardware/Software Integration

Whether you have existing hardware or software applications you want to integrate or you want the solution we build for you to integrate with your hardware or software, our team will redesign digital workflows for optimal organizational performance.

Existing Code Optimization

Not all code is clean code, limiting your abilities and expansion. Touch To refactors messy code to provide clean, well-architected code for optimal stability and scalability. If you need to add onto the code later, we make sure any engineer can understand it.

What can Touch To do for you?

Bring us your concepts, challenges or initiatives, and we’ll customize a solution with a dedicated team focused on your success.