React as a Business Tool

person working on computer

Starting a business and determining that you need to create an online presence is a hard enough task. Now that you’re scaling and need a more controlled presence on the internet than WordPress provides, the decision on how to build your applications becomes the new difficult problem. When researching the different options, you may have come across some frameworks such as React.js. 

The Extensibility of React

 When choosing a framework, you should consider how easy it is to maintain and develop new features for your application. If it’s difficult and requires a lot of custom code to achieve functionality, like event tracking, native functionality (i.e. interacting with your local filesystem/retrieving pictures from your phone), or the integration of multiple applications, your apps are not in a good place. Fortunately, React offers a simple system for creating easily extensible applications. 

Modularity /Design

At the fundamental level, React uses JSX to create a robust system of modules. This is wonderful because it allows us to break out front-end components into their simplest forms. We can also use this same structure to deliver information to these simple components and create an incredibly efficient rendering of our application. This ability allows for easy refactoring, maintenance of current design, and easy transitions to new designs for your app. With React, simple cosmetic changes or functional changes are separated to create the easiest control of those capabilities.


The React community is one of the strongest online communities. There are robust open source modules that are free and easy to use. This community keeps the momentum of the React framework chugging along. We have beautiful solutions that resolve some of the most difficult problems that currently exist in development. React provides benefits like cross-platform, uniform Native interactions (i.e. saving/reading files) that allow developers to move on to building your business tools. 


One of React’s best bragging points is that it’s robust for search marketing needs. As far as single-page, modular apps are concerned, React gives you more control over your SEO output than any other. It was designed with this particular issue in mind.

Built for Business

React was built for business, with the intent of creating easily accessible, marketable, and extensible applications. React gives businesses the flexibility they need to release apps quickly, maintain apps in production, and pivot sharply.  It also has the support of a business-minded community of developers. These factors have led to React being chosen by some of the most successful companies in the world as their front-end framework.