Top React Development Trends to Keep Eye Out For in 2022

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Mobile and web applications are critical today and define the modern world as we know it. Digitization has reached every aspect of our lives thanks to adequate frameworks that offer a flawless user experience. React, also called ReactJS, is a robust front-end framework or library that plays a key role in providing such an experience.

It’s an efficient, flexible, and declarative JavaScript library that helps build user interfaces. However, thanks to big advancements in the world of technology, React is no longer just a UI library. It has become an ecosystem with various frameworks and libraries. It has evolved greatly, and you can now use it to build anything from simple blogging sites to sophisticated web and native applications.

Read on to learn more about React as we discuss the top React developments to keep an eye out for in 2022. 

How React Came About 

React came about as a response to the challenges often encountered while building JavaScript applications. The problems had become more nagging as applications grew in size and complexity.

Facebook created this library in 2011 to address its own issues but waited until the set-up of the GitHub repository in May 2013 to officially announce the release. 

A few months later, React helped develop the UI of Instagram and Facebook, and other developers began testing and reviewing it. The library is now very popular and stands out among its peers. React JS ranks high among front-end development frameworks thanks to its fast speed, flexibility, and high performance.

In addition, its potential to reuse components saves time for developers since they don’t need to write different codes for the same features. Some of the most beneficial components of React include:

React Router

React Router makes the route ordering process less painstaking and much faster. The framework helps optimize user experience by matching different application components with their URLs. Without the React Router component, developing the route ordering process would be difficult and time-consuming. 


Grommet is helpful when you need to install a component. It allows you to access multiple layout components, such as sticker sheets, patterns, and templates, that you cannot find in other frameworks. It also has a guidelines section that you can use when you need help in a technical area.

React Redux

Redux is a great platform when making final touches to an application. It can apply performance optimizations automatically. All you need is to set up the values you wish from the components, and the systems will extract and update those things automatically. 

Material UI

This component centralizes control, thus easing styling management and component usage. It also comes with multiple goodies and, thus, won’t require you to develop your own solutions. 

Blueprint UI

Blueprint UI is crucial for developing desktop-based applications that crunch large data amounts and multiple modules. It is a workhorse that can carry even the most intense loads. 

Top React Development Trends to Keep Eye Out For in 2022

Improvements in the React Server Side Rendering 

React is compatible with all major browsers and is thus more popular on the web than on mobile platforms. But you can now expect the React server-side rendering to become more acceptable in the market.

The React team intends to improve this area by using some server-side rendering techniques in a better way. For example, by allowing JSX-to-JavaScript transformations to work on large-scale applications through client results caching optimization. 

Improving it will increase app loading speed and offer a more enjoyable user experience. Therefore, you will have better-performing apps, websites, etc., increasing your opportunity to take your business to the next level. 

Increased Popularity for React-based CMSs 

Currently, there are more than 70 million sites using content management systems on the internet. WordPress dominates the industry, with more than 30 million sites using its CMS.

Other crucial players include Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. React also has content management systems like GraphCMS, Netlify, Strapi, and Sanity Studio, providing React development. 

React is a major framework, and you simply cannot rule it out for online content. As more people continue to seek React app developers to build a next-generation web application architecture, you can expect to see React-based CMSs emerge in the upper rankings soon. 

Increased Adoption of Single-Page Applications (SPA)

React has played a big part in the growth of single-page web applications (SPAs). Developers can use it to create applications with glossy and modern user interfaces. SPAs ensure a smooth user experience by allowing users to consume information fast without constantly loading new pages.

For this reason, businesses that are yet to embrace SPAs would need to do so to improve user experience and keep up with the competition. More businesses are adopting SPAs for their sites, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022. 

More Enterprises to Use React for Mobile App Development

Currently, most startups and small businesses use React for web development. However, the community is growing, and more enterprises are using it for mobile app development. Myntra, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are already using React for mobile app development.

The increasing React’s growth in the enterprise space is a sign of huge changes in the mobile app development trends. In 2022, you can expect more features aimed at enhancing mobile app development. 

More Businesses to Use React’s Machine Learning Web Applications 

Machine Learning technology allows businesses to create high-performing web applications that can forecast outcomes and solve problems. It has limitless potential and has several features, including predictive analytics, pre-defined tasks, and self-learning capabilities.

Predictive analytics can help predict future outcomes, e.g., whether a consumer will likely purchase a product in the next month, depending on their buying history. 

Self-learning capabilities aim to improve performance levels and eliminate the need for human intervention in daily operations. Businesses are embracing machine learning due to these benefits.

React has the proper resources to handle Machine Learning-based web app development. It can integrate with ML libraries such as SciKit and TensorFlow, thus allowing effective use of large amounts of data which helps businesses grow fast in the future. As more developers build ML-based apps, you can expect an upgrade in the React ML areas. 

Find Out What React Development Trends Mean for Your Business

React development trends will continue to develop as React continues to grow in popularity. For many, it’s a great framework for designing that next big project. Reach out to Touch To for more information about React development and how it can help with your web application or mobile app needs.