UI/UX Design

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UI/UX Is Everything

When you imagine your ideal website or mobile app, you likely envision the design and functionality. But how do you make sure it’s built correctly for a great user experience?

You rely on Touch To.

The UI (User Interface) is all of the visual components your users see on your website or app - all of the colors, images, clickable buttons, and content, for instance. It’s all about building in the aesthetics and functionality that attract and keep users engaged on your interface.

The UX (User Experience) is how your users encounter and navigate your website or app. The goal is to make it easy for users to find what they need and have a smooth, pleasant experience so they are more likely to stay loyal and refer others.

The UI determines how good or poor the UX will be, and that’s why you need Touch To.


What We Do

At Touch To, our primary objective is to provide your customers with the absolute best omnichannel user experience. That means ensuring the UI is on point - every design detail and all the coding result in an intuitive, fast, responsive website and mobile app your users will love.

Whether you have an idea and need us to perfect it or you are starting from scratch, our expert product managers will deliver a product that attracts, retains and excites users.

UI Implementation

Design Audits

Have something in flight and need experts to take a look before you move any further? Touch To will audit your existing design and recommend improvements. We can make those improvements for you or provide detailed specifications you can take to your own developers.

Code Refactoring and Optimizing

Design Prototypes

Touch To delivers clickable design prototypes that look like a fully-finished mobile and web product that potential users can try out and provide feedback on before you spend money developing it. Usable design prototypes are much more powerful than a concept design in getting team buy-in or more investor funding.

Architecture Consultation


We provide wireframing for those not ready to invest in a fully-finished design. Touch To designers provide renderings of each step of the user’s journey that detail the anatomy of the product. Wireframing can help stakeholders see what a finished product will look like and allow for inexpensive revisions before product development begins.

Why Touch To?

Optimal Site Performance

When it comes to our differentiators, it may be easier to begin with what we don’t do.

Most firms spend most of your budget on design and competitive landscape research and creating user personas and design-thinking matrixes. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and unnecessary if you partner with Touch To.

We value your investment and rely on our decades of experience building products to shorten the time to market and save you money.

Combined with our Agile processes, we can more quickly deliver a minimum viable product and allow actual users to tell us what needs improvement. Our streamlined process eliminates the risks associated with imagining every possible issue from the start, building, and then realizing some assumptions were wrong and having to start over.


Our Process

So how does the Touch To process work?

  1. We take your intuition and quickly go through rapid iterations of design mockups.
  2. We quickly validate and deliver the design that looks like the final product.
  3. Your users can play with the prototype and give us feedback we use to improve the product.
  4. With prototype approval, we move to build.

Our Tools

Our team is highly experienced in all of the most common and popular technologies, such as:

  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • Storybook

Our Reviews

Effective and Efficient

“Touch To is extremely effective and efficient.”

Product & Tech Communications Manager at a large healthcare company

Our Work in UX/UI

View some of our UX/UI projects and learn more about how Touch To can help you bring your ideas to life faster and often at a lower cost than you might expect.