Full Stack Mobile Development

Responsive. Beautiful. Custom built and refined.

End-to-End Design + Build & Publish

There are millions of mobile apps out there, and many come and go. So, what makes yours one people will download, engage with on a regular basis, and recommend?

It’s built by Touch To.

Touch To offers full stack mobile development that includes back-end and front-end development at whatever level you need. Whether you have a concept, a prototype or a fully-functioning mobile app, we can serve as consultants, build it from scratch or optimize what you have. We’ll even publish it in app stores for you.

Our deep design and development expertise enables us to speed time to minimum viable product and finished product to save you money and ensure a mobile app that elevates your brand. We work alongside your team or serve as your outsourced design and development team, prioritizing your initiatives while introducing fresh perspectives.

Touch To architects back-ends that deliver exceptional front-end user experiences.


What We Do

We aren’t just back-end specialists who set up cloud instances and develop sophisticated data models. We create beautiful front-end interfaces that are intuitive, responsive and a pleasure to use, all possible through our back-end architecture that maximizes the speed and efficiency.

No matter where you are in your mobile development efforts or whether you want a native application for iOS and/or Android, cross-platform applications, or aren’t sure, we can help you decide and optimize your investment with a beautiful, scalable solution.

UI Implementation

UI Implementation

Only need us to build the front-end of your application? Our experts can design and implement a beautiful product that works on top of your existing back-end. We are always here to help on the back-end development if needed.

Code Refactoring and Optimizing

Code Refactoring and Optimizing

Have an existing codebase that isn’t performing well and need us to optimize it? Touch To will evaluate your existing code and technical environment to see what’s broken. We will then refactor your old code and optimize it so you can easily add more features and capacity as you grow.

Architecture Consultation

Architecture Consultation

Touch To will create a plan on how best to build your application, identifying which services to use to ensure the end product is scalable, cost-effective, and performs beautifully. We deliver an architecture reference map you can take to your team to build out.

Back-end Development

Back-end Development

Let Touch To service as your back-end development team or complement your own. We can get your cloud infrastructure set up, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP, create database models, and build out development pipelines to increase development speed, efficiency, and consistency across your site.

Why Touch To?

Optimal App Performance

Full stack mobile development means we can do it all, streamlining management, increasing efficiency and time to market, and lowering costs through our Agile methodology.

Unlike many firms, we offer both native iOS and Android development, as well as hybrid/cross-platform mobile app development - using one code base that can be deployed on the Google Play Store and App Store. We’ll even help you determine which course is best for your specific goals.

We build scalable, future-proof mobile products that will grow with you to save you money and time when you want to make changes or add features and capabilities later.

When you work with Touch To, you get an experienced, reputable team that knows what works and what doesn’t to bypass common mistakes and risks. You can trust us to ensure the architecture, stability and scalability of your mobile app is as on point as the design.


Our Process

How does the Touch To full stack development process work?

  1. Define the system architecture
  2. Set up development pipelines and infrastructure
  3. Build out the front-end component library
  4. Assemble components to create user experiences
  5. From there we can build, test, deploy, measure, and learn as needed
  6. Deploy app onto Google Play Store and/or App Store

Our Tools

Our team is highly experienced in all of the most common and popular technologies, such as:

  • React Native
  • Obj C
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • Heroku
  • Firebase
  • Graph QL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgresQL
  • Stripe
  • Plaid
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • And more!

Our Reviews

Quick Implementation

"The experience of the team allowed them to grasp what we were asking for and how to implement it quickly."

Front-End Architect at an insurance company

Our Work in Full Stack Development

View some of our full stack development projects and learn more about how Touch To can help you optimize your website with expertly-built back-end architecture that delivers an exceptional customer experience.